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Links to other sites with information, things to see, stuff to do and likeminded smart girl fans:

For smart girls:

  • Try Girls Inc for inspiration, quizzes, info, games etc
  • Educating Jane has information for smart girls, educators, and parents
  • Smart Girls Rock has things to buy, shirts, gifts, articles, book reviews, and links to other smart girls
  • theHotness is an exciting e-zine that celebrates the creativity and ingenuity of women of colour
  • For surveys, discussions and creative inspiration (including a build-your-own-website for beginners tutorial) go to smartgirl.org
  • Nerd Girls is a site which celebrates girls' potential to change the world through science and technology
  • the Modern Maenad site lists women famed for their achievements, unconventionality and animal activism. You can nominate a celebrity for the page yourself.


TV Discussion and Fansites


  • For insightful discussion and merciless reviewing try Television Without Pity
  • For 4,000 pages of pictures, quizzes, star interviews, quotes, trivia and gossip try The BBC Cult TV website. (no longer updated but still has some great features)


Some of TV's top smart girl show fan sites:

Dr Who

  • Rose Tyler BBC page featuring a video interview with Billie Piper on the character of Rose, the South London girl who escapes a dull life.
  • Martha Jones BBC page about the 10th Doctor's new companion - a trainee doctor herself (the medical, not the Time Lord kind)

Veronica Mars

Ugly Betty

  • Betty Suarez's personal website, featuring her resume (or CV) and careers advice for smart girls

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

  • Buffyverse Dialogue Database: Search database of summarized transcripts by keyword, character, or episode. Features list of all characters, nicknames, and main story arcs
  • Slayage: The online academic journal for Buffy studies
  • Joss Whedon (creator of Buffy, Angel, Firefly and Serenity) gives his Equality Now speech on why he creates strong women of wit and resolve
  • Buffy-boards has BtVS discussion boards plus links to a range of others

The Gilmore Girls

  • The Gilmore Girls official website with cast and character profiles, episode guides, pictures, video clips, message board and information on music used in the show. You can also send a 'Gilmore-ism' postcard from this site.

Battlestar Galactica

  • Find a Katee Sackhoff/Starbuck fansite here with all the usuaul info, pics etc

High School Musical

  • On this fan page you'll find Gabriella's struggle with her be-smart and be-popular identities highlighted


Not just for girls

  • LondonGT has some great study resources and guidance,including UCAS help. (You don't have to be registered or living in London to access everything, although some materials are restricted to those on LondonGT courses).


If you have a favourite website for or about smart girls on or off the screen, please email suggestions for links to the smartgirls mailbox


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