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All about smartgirls.tv

smartgirls.tv is a website created for two purposes:

1. smartgirls.tv is a space where girls can discuss images of smart girls in television and other media, and also talk about other issues as part of a supportive community.

We want to protect your safety and ensure your privacy so:

· We will never ask for information which could identify you. When you register, we ask you to agree to keep your email address concealed
· We invite you to fill out questionnaires
voluntarily. These are always anonymous.
· We will remove and report any attempts to gain personal information from users
· If anyone seeks information from you, NEVER give it and report it to us straight away
· Incidents of harassment, bullying or offensiveness will be removed immediately and the poster barred from the site

2. smartgirls.tv is part of a research project which is looking at smart girls on television and in real life. The questions this project seeks to answer are

· How are smart girls represented on television?
· How do smart girls respond to those representations?


Data and confidentiality

Contributions to the forum form part of the data collected by the researchers. By registering to contribute to the forum, you are giving your consent to participating in the research project. We do not ask for any identifying information.

We also ask you to complete a brief questionnaire. This is also anonymous. The information it asks for gives us a snapshot of the contributors and their viewing habits.

All the data is confidential and anonymous, and this is part of the reason why we ask you to choose a username which is not your real name when you register.

All data will be kept securely in paper and electronic form for a period of five years after the completion of the research project.

Please visit our privacy page to learn more about privacy and security on the site

Publication and results

The results of the study will be posted on this website and may also be used in academic publications and conference papers. Details of these will also be posted here.

Organising body

This study is being conducted by me, Michele Paule, as a member of Oxford Brookes University academic staff, and pertains to my work as Senior Lecturer in Education and Communication, Media and Culture.

Further information

If you have any questions or concerns about the way in which the study is conducted, please do not hesitate to contact Michele Paule .

Further information is also available from the Chair of the University Research Ethics Committee

Thank you for taking time to read the information. We hope you enjoy sharing your views about smart girls on the small screen. Please go on to register.


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