Talk TV

Who are TV's smartest girls?

What do smart girls watch?

Do smart girls see themselves on TV or do they think the small screen is short on role models?

If you are a smart girl who has something to say about these questions, or you want to share your own favorites/pet hates, take a moment to register then go to the forum, TALKTV. As well as TV talk, the forum is a place where you can share your experiences of being a smart girl in the real world.

This website forms part of a research project about smart girls on and off the screen. For more information, go to ABOUT before you register.

Try QUOTE for the wit and wisdom of smart girls past and present, and LINKS for other sites of interest, TV and non-tv related.


Be smart on the web:
  • Choose a username- don't use your real name
  • Don't reveal your email address
  • Never give any personal details
  • Report anyone who asks you for details


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